Can steel doors be painted?

Yes – consult manufacturer’s instructions. Doors may be painted with a good exterior grade latex paint. Raynor offers an option for one coat of any Sherwin Williams color or custom powder coating on various models. CHI also offers custom powder coat colors on many of their models.

If I damage the garage door, can I replace just one section of the door?

Yes — in most cases. Exceptions are custom carriage house doors or carriage house overlay doors. With overlay doors, you usually need to purchase a complete set of sections to ensure that the overlays line up properly.

What are standard door sizes?

  • Width: 8,9,16 and 18 ft. widths are the most common widths. 10,12,14,15,17 & 20 ft. widths available in most models. Odd widths also available in many models.
  • Height: 6’6”, 7’0”, 7’6” and 8’0” are standard heights. Other heights available in 3” increments in most models. (Limited availability with 7’3” height.)

How much clearance do I need above the door?

For front mount torsion springs, 8” is the minimum clearance to allow room for the door and an opener. We may be able to go with less clearance with rear torsion or extension springs—contact us for information specific to your situation. Please note that the more clearance above the door, the smoother the operation of the door.

What is the advantage in purchasing a garage door or garage door opener from Benson Garage Doors?

We will provide quick response to problems with equipment that we furnish and install. If you purchase items from a retailer, they normally subcontract the installation. Who is responsible for warranty work and how quickly will they respond? What is the warranty period?

Because we guarantee the products we install, we only carry brands that we know to be dependable. We add upgrades as standard items on our doors (reinforcing struts for all residential doors, upgraded 10-ball nylon rollers for quiet operation, larger bottom weatherstrip to better seal irregularities in the floor.)

Can I have a steel door installed if the garage floor is out of level?

Yes — we have different sizes of bottom weatherstrip that will provide a good seal with minor variations in the floor. If floor is out of level 2” or more or dips down in the middle, we can furnish a wedge for the bottom of the door. Wedge is made of plastic lumber, scribed to fit slope in the floor and painted (by us) to match the door. Wood door weatherstrip is nailed to the bottom of the wedge. See photo gallery for picture of two doors with wedges.

How much room do installers need to install a new door?

Cars must be out of garage and garage must be cleared out for 10 ft. back (15 ft. for 2-car size doors.)